Welcome To Keltec

Keltec Engineering Ltd started out as a general fabrication and engineering business back in the mid 1980’s when Thomas Sheedy had the vision to build a business that utilized his experience in engineering design and machine build. Since that time, Keltec has grown and become known as a specialist in design and manufacture of agricultural machinery and products with emphasis on providing efficiency and cost savings for the end users. Based in Co Limerick, Ireland, Keltec Engineering have a strong history in design and manufacture of farming equipment with CAD, plasma cutting, fabrication and a team of skilled trades people.

Some of the earliest products developed were slurry spreaders, bale handling equipment and transporters. During the early years, a lot of work was involved in designing, prototyping and testing various products, products that would stand the test of time and deliver real savings for the farming community.

Keltec’s uniqueness lies in its ability to turn a concept into reality. Having a solid relationship build on trust with the farming community to which it serves, the team at Keltec have the expertise to follow through on innovative ideas and bring these ideas to market.

The company subsequently developed a range of agricultural equipment that has proved to be extremely popular and sought after across various countries. These products include their unique Bale Slice – a purpose built piece of equipment that allows the plastic and netting to be removed from round hay and silage bales without the need for the operator to come down from the cab. This product has been proved to save enormous amount of time for farmers during the feeding season. Another great product that has been developed is the ‘Keltrans’: a round bale transporter that eliminates the need for multiple machines when transporting round bales. As well as serving the livestock feed sector, Keltec have also developed some smart products when it comes to fertilizer application machines – universal slurry spreaders and rear discharge spreaders. For land reclamation and drainage, we have developed a drain fill bucket that will reduce labour requirements and speed up the entire process dramatically.

Keltec’s products are now being used as far away as New Zealand, Japan, Scandanavia, Germany, Holland and the U.K. See our list of ‘partners’. As a progressive company, we are always interested in discussing opportunities with established dealers and distributors of agricultural machinery both at home in Ireland and overseas.


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